martes, junio 28, 2011

When it isn't my problem, loops in webgl

Ok... today... working... doing things.... and I have an spectacular loop in my GLSL code for webGL, before when the CPU and GPU did their job it wasn't a problem, but telling the GPU to do CPU stuff, is crazy... so a loop... I get nervous, and yes... I got a problem:

for (int i = 0 ; i < 2 ; i++) // don't work

for (int i = 1 ; i < 3 ; i++) // work
ii= i-1; // just to be nice ;-)

but... it was not my problem... it's angle problem... so bad... so sad...

So... may be your code is good... but the compiler is "bad".

And.. I hope some day to start writing about doing non-3D graphics with webGL, fast, good and without matrices!!!.


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