lunes, junio 27, 2011

WebGL a year after

Ok... I remembered that I have a blog, and what a surprise that I realized that almost a year ago was my last post, and It was about WebGL, which were going to be by default in the next Firefox 4.0. So what happened after one year, well... firefox 4.0, and it had WebGL by default, also Chrome, and may be in the future Safari with the next operative system of Lion, and Opera.

WebGL, my experience is really good, a very fast way to make good graphics in the Web, how good? and how fast, ok... examples:

1) How good... like good games as Quake 2... which a special version in Java was converted to javascript and was really playable, the only problem was the gamma of the textures, but the rest was perfect.

2) How fast... as fast you are in the Desktop... the only problem is javascript... but... javascript is going to be faster and faster every day. and in some middle future may be more faster than C/C++, I know this is difficult to believe, but, the online optimizations that you can do in the code with javascript, are impressive, and yes... you can do it in C/C++, but you have to implement a JIT in your own code to run your code as fast as Javascript can do it.

I made a lot of work in WebGL... may be you should check the volume rendering code.

Finally... emscripten... a very good project... it has some problems in the architecture... but... I think is a the correct way to get Rich Apps to the web.

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