martes, julio 16, 2013

The new model for web applications

Some time ago... I check some projects which looks like to me very interesting. WebGL since it was a XP component of OpenGL to javascript and the only render was a teapot, or emscripten using their enzims, and the new asmjs which appear to be a optimization of javascript for compiled languages like C/C++ using the llvm compiler. I really like this approach, but I am not understimating the power of the mobile world, and if you want to create a truly multiplatform application you should think in an architecture to allow you to work on mobiles platforms, may be Chrome OS and firefox OS could help. However interpreted languages are to expensive for mobiles always. My solution, go back to compiled languages, but with very very very good IDEs. You need an easy way to debug and detect error, also to change the code and language easily. The compiled/procedural languages are going to be the fastest code ever created, and you always are going to have hardware constrains, if not in your mobile in future, may be in your clothes (weareble computing). I really want to see a new tool which allow me to work with a language like C, using a real preprocessing text tool and a visualization of code really inmersive, in the way of the old smalltalk but with the power of new hardware.

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